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Building the FTTH Business Case: Real-World, Best Practice for the Region
Moderator:  Richard Jones – Ventura Next – Leader in creating and running lean FTTH networks

Download the details and complete information Here.

27 November 2013

Registration & Coffee
Official Welcome and Opening Ceremony
Keynote Speakers
Speakers:His Excellency Mr. Moulay Hafid El Alamy, Minister of Industry, Trade, Investment and the Digital EconomyPresentation:N.A.
Mr. Azdine El Mountassir Billah, General Director of ANRT Presentation:N.A.
Mr Faris Awartani, Chairman of FTTH Council MENAPresentation:N.A.
FTTH – A driver for Transforming Economies
FTTH – A driver for Transforming Economies

The importance of ICT and ultrafast broadband for economic growth, innovation and social services in every country is well recognized. By rolling out Fiber networks it will lead to transforming lives, homes and nations and create a brighter future now.
This section will explore the impact of FTTH in terms of economic growth and supporting new service industries.  It will consider the high level economic factors but also look at how FTTH is transforming the way that we live. 

Moderator:Faris Awartani, Chairman of FTTH Council MENAPresentation:N.A.
Speakers:Boubker Badr, Ministry of Industry, Trade, Investment and the Digital EconomyPresentation:N.A.
Dr. Safa Nasser Eldin, Minister of Telecom and IT of PalestinePresentation:N.A.
Ahmed Khaouja, ANRT Presentation:N.A.
Karin Ahl, President FTTH Council EuropePresentation:N.A.
Coffee Break and Exhibition Visit
FTTH Opportunities: Getting the Environment Right - Investments, PPP and Regulatory
FTTH Opportunities: Getting the Environment Right - Investments, PPP and Regulatory

The needs of Investors, Governments and Regulators in the development of ICT are complex and frequently at odds with one another. This session will discuss public private partnerships and other financial approaches, as well as their role in the financing and promotion of FTTH and FTTX deployment.   

Moderator:Tony Al-Makdissi, FTTH Council MENAPresentation:N.A.
Speakers:Karim Taga, Arthur D.LittlePresentation:ADL_KarimTaga_Report-NationalFibreStrategy-FTTH-Council-MENA-Marrakech-Nov-2013.pdf
Florian Damas, Alcatel-LucentPresentation:N.A.
Sergio Sandoval, McKinsey & CompanyPresentation:Sergio-Mickinsy-27Nov2013_FTTHMENACouncilPresentation.pdf
Digitization of the content World
Digitization of the content World

In a world of exponential growth of content services with a disregard to geography, opportunities and threats, consumers are looking for new ways to experience traditional media and new content such as games.  FTTH can play a major role in delivering this content but how will the future really look? What trends and changes can we expect and how can operators deliver in these challenging times. 

Moderator:Roland Montagne, IDATEPresentation:N.A.
Speakers:Andreas Krenn, EricssonPresentation:Ericsson-AndreasKrenn-FTTHCouncilMENA_DigitizationMarakech2013.pdf
Lunch Break
Operators and Leaders strategies for successful FTTH deployment in MENA region
Operators and Leaders strategies for successful FTTH deployment in MENA region

Understanding the key business drivers and choices in developing successful ultrafast broadband networks is vital for decision makers.  This section will consider how to choose the right strategy and create the right business model to underpin this.  It will also consider the deployment strategies and product/service/price definition that sit at the heart of the business case.


Moderator:Richard Jones, FTTH Council MENAPresentation:N.A.
Speakers:Ahmad Mohamad Darwish, ETISALAT UAEPresentation:AhmadDarwish-Etisalat-FTTHcouncilMENA2013-etisalat_access.pdf
Jaume Salvat, Aggaros ME&APresentation:JaumeSalvat-FTTH_11_13.pdf
Taseer A. Rangrez, Tamdeed ProjectsPresentation:N.A.
Coffee Break
Insights from the Industry
Insights from the Industry

FTTH is a step change from copper based access technologies – offering far greater speeds, quality of service, opex savings and the potential for symmetric services.  This session will consider just how big some of these changes can be and some of the steps needed to ensure they are delivered effectively.  It will draw on the real-world experience from global players in the industry. 

Moderator:Christine Beylouni, FTTH Council MENAPresentation:N.A.
Speakers:Ibrahem Alhaidari, TE ConnectivityPresentation:IbrahimHaidair-FTTH_MENA_v3_LowRes.pdf
Ana Pesovic, Alactel-LucentPresentation:N.A.
Laurent Gasca, Prysmian GroupPresentation:LaurentGAsca-FTTHMENA_3hits_PrysmianGroup_v4_printable.pdf
Pete Spehr, OFSPresentation:N.A.

28 November 2013

FTTH benefits for Fixed and Mobile networks
FTTH benefits for Fixed and Mobile networks

The explosion of Internet traffic has increased the challenges for operators in managing their Bandwidth & Cost/bit as well as OPEX and CAPEX.
This session will discuss the benefits of Fiber for fixed and mobile network operators - especially in the backhaul. 


Moderator:Gamal Hegazi, FTTH Council MENAPresentation:N.A.
Speakers:Esmaeel Al Hamadi, ETISALAT UAEPresentation:N.A.
Juan Colina, CorningPresentation:N.A.
Hani Alami, CoolnetPresentation:N.A.
Financing FTTH
Financing FTTH

Achieving a business case for FTTH is challenging and finding the right balance for fiber in the overall telecoms infrastructure is the key for many operators.  This part will examine the different aspects of the business case as well as how this can be financed. 

Moderator:Hartwig Tauber, FTTH Council EuropePresentation:N.A.
Speakers:Richard Jones, Ventura TeamPresentation:RicharJones-FINAL.pdf
Marc Van Quekelberghe, Comsof Presentation:Marc-Optimized_FTTxNetworksDesignsFINAL.pdf
Coffee Break
World of Apps
World of Apps

People buy services rather than technology.  We will be looking at innovative new services in this section from simple through to sophisticated The focus will be on what will work in the real world and predicting the challenges for operators in deploying these services.


Moderator:Eric Festraets, FTTH Council EuropePresentation:N.A.
Speakers:Karin Ahl, FTTH Council EuropePresentation:KarinAhl-20131128FTTHConferenceMENA.pdf
Torbjörn Sandberg, NetAdminPresentation:Torbjorn-NA_Marrakesh.pdf
Smart Cities, Smart Homes & Buildings deployment with FTTH Technology
Smart Cities, Smart Homes & Buildings deployment with FTTH Technology

After having passed the homes and buildings with Fiber, the next challenge is how to maximize the usage of this technology and value of smart applications to cover the cities, the homes and buildings. This session needs to show case studies about the Fiber connectivity in the city and around the Home.

Moderator:Suleiman Al-Hedaithy, FTTH Council MENAPresentation:N.A.
Speakers:Frans-Anton Vermast, Amsterdam Smart CityPresentation:Frans-Anton-FttHMENAVermast.pdf
Hesham Wahbi, Smart Cities CouncilPresentation:N.A.
Paolo Sebben, EffectasPresentation:paolo-SmartCityLTD06.pdf
Lunch Break
Analyst Session: Global View and future vision
Analyst Session: Global View and future vision

What lessons can be learned from the rest of the World that can be applied in the MENA region. This section will briefly consider the take-up of FTTH in the region and the World but then focus on best practice and lessons learned from leading markets and operators. 

Moderator:Jan Schindler, FTTH Council EuropePresentation:N.A.
Speakers:Roland Montagne, IDATEPresentation:IDATE-FTTHMENA_PanoramaSept2013.pdf
Mohammed Al-Shawwa, Arab Advisors Group Presentation:ArabAdvisorsGroupPresentationFTTH.pdf
Hartwig Tauber, FCGAPresentation:HartwigTauber-20131128FTTHConferenceMENA.pdf
Closing Session and Wrap-up
Closing session and Wrap Up
Moderator:Christine BeylouniPresentation:Christine-WrapUp.pdf
Cocktail Reception

5th Edition: Huge Success!

Another huge success for FTTH Council MENA Conference being the largest FTTH event in the MENA region with around 300 large regional and international companies representatives, industry experts and stakeholders from among several Arabic and foreign countries. Read More.

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